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My Philosophy

Whether you want to lose weight, get more active, or discover your true happiness, I can provide immediate motivation, a fool-proof plan, and serious results to last you a lifetime. I offer my unique services through 1:1 Coaching or Group Programs. My primary focus is to help you live healthy and happy! Weight Loss Coaching

work with meI completely understand that losing weight and getting healthy can be confusing and that is why I created a very simple and straightfoward plan geared toward your success. Each of my programs includes all the pieces of the healthy living puzzle: custom nutrition plans, fitness routines, and mindset makeovers required to maximize your happiness.

When I say, “custom” I really mean custom! You need to live your life your way, not the way some cookie cutter plan tells you to live. If you hate broccoli like I do, then I will not tell you to eat broccoli. Hate running? Then there will be no running in your plan. The only thing you must consume is a daily dose of happiness. Without happiness, life isn’t worth living.

I love serving my clients—getting them to dig deep and push hard until they reach their goals and their happiness tank is overflowing. I know my methods work because I talk the talk and walk the walk. It’s 100% possible to live healthy and happy at any age! Regardless of your personal challenges, we will tackle them as we drive toward your best life.  Weight Loss Coaching

What Can I Expect from Coaching?

You will get the results you earn and deserve! My clients have successfully lost weight, gotten healthy, changed careers, moved across country, managed multiple sclerosis, developed optimistic mindsets and improved their relationships. How did they do it? Each person succeeded with passion, commitment and perseverance. I pushed them harder than they were able to push themselves and I gave theme a shoulder to lean on when they needed it. When the going got tough, and I mean really tough. I didn’t let them give up. Quitters never win and winners never quit!

Want more information? Then please complete the form below. You may also use this form to schedule a complimentary strategy session. It doesn’t matter if you live in my town or on a sailboat in the Caribbean, we can strategize in-person, via Skype, Facebook or by telephone.
Work with Me

Here is a sampling of my coaching packages. Need something different? No problem. I can tailor a package to fit your specific needs too.





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Coach Christie
  • One-on-One with Christie
    I’m the person whose job it is to believe in you, care about you, and push you to succeed. I’ll do that until you can fly on your own. Then I will cry with pride!

    I work privately with a limited and carefully balanced number of people. Weight loss is very personal and it’s critical that we are a match to each other.

    To explore the possibility of working one-on-one with me, take the first step by scheduling a FREE private consult with me. These spots are reserved for people who are serious about their health.

  • Our Signature Weight Loss Program
    Our 8-week online group program involves a fun-filled and results-oriented journey to a healthier, happier, YOU!

    You’ll learn that eating well, training your body and adopting a winning mindset doesn’t take a lot of time or money, or even require a lot of effort. Instead, you just need a turn-by-turn system to help you clarify where you’re at, identify where you want to go, and take the right path to get there.

    Feel Good for Life is offered twice a year with a limited number of spots available.

  • Our DIY Weight Loss Blueprint
    This program is for the person who wants to build a better body on their own while following a proven set of plans.

    The Healthy Living Blueprint was designed to take you from start to finish in your weight loss journey.

    The simple way is always the best way. That’s why this plan is chock full of easy-to-understand information.

  • Our Upbeat Holiday Offering
    This is light and upbeat program is designed to keep you sane, happy and healthy during the busy holiday season.

    We give you quick and simple tips and tools to help you enjoy the season so “Project You” doesn’t feel like a huge task.

    Give yourself the gift of health. Transform your holiday season and enter the new year a new you!

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Christie-3D-BookYour Favorite Tunes Can Change Your Life Forever!

What if I told you one thing that could make your food taste better, your body push harder, your significant other appear hotter and generally guarantee a successful life?

Enter The Playlist for Life. It’s a library of lessons learned from diverse and sometimessurprising sources. Creating your dream life doesn’t have to be complicated. You can find inspiration in what surrounds you whether that’s your loved ones, a walk in nature, or even your favorite pop song. Maestro, cue music…

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