For Others

My heart overflows with Crazy Gratitude and Love
for all these people who made EatTrainWin possible!

grattitude-boardDallas Travers is my business coach who helped me clarify my vision for EatTrainWin and guided me through the darkness of the online world. Dallas kept me from stumbling on objects I could not see or even imagine. Dallas – your creativity and “night vision” is incredible!

Dallas led me to Elizabeth at Virtual Visibility, LLC, who probably regrets every painstaking moment she took answering all my website questions and waited patiently while I changed colors nine million times and pulled my head out of my butt. Have I driven her away? Will she answer my calls when EatTrainWin University goes online? I hope so!

Dallas also led me to the amazing wife and husband team at Geffner Productions (yes, that order was intentional, ‘cuz we women run the show). Jaime offered invaluable help with my scripts, wardrobe and rookie questions. And Steve was patient and kind even when I stumbled over the same word nine times or asked him to film outside in a wind storm.

Dallas also suggested, but I found my graphic designer, Martin Carignani among the talented crew all on my own. I don’t have to tell you how great his work is, just look around the website. It’s all Martin!

You probably would have guessed it, but Dallas also told me about Allison at The Blog Babe. I call her my miracle worker because she makes so much more sense out of my blogs than I could ever do on my own. While improving my message, she still lets me use made up words, funky grammar with a little sprinkling of nonsense.

Next up, the remarkable John Garey who I found all on my own. John is my friend, trainer and mentor who always supports me in my crazy life. He has a remarkable knack of creating awesome workouts. If you haven’t tried the “Express Carpet Tile Installation” workout, then I highly recommend it. When I couldn’t move the next day, he booked an appointment for me at …

Vincent Carbaugh Massage Therapy where it was love at first massage. Vinnie, Vinnie, Vinnie, oh how I love my dear friend Vinnie! His therapy services have kept this old body intact through half-marathons, the LA County Sheriff’s Academy, and even through the filming of Wipeout. Although, I think I may have tapped out his magic healing pixie dust with the Wipeout injuries.

Margo, Margo, Margo! I love this McFabulous woman who serendipitously entered my life while we were both pushing to fit into skinny jeans. Margo is one of my best friends and she makes me grateful for my fat years because without that fat, we never would have met. She has been by my side from the earliest conceptual stages of EatTrainWin all the way through the final website edits. Hmmm, maybe I should ask her to edit this section, too.

Mark Miller is my Prince Charming of over 25 years! There are no adequate words to express my love, gratitude and admiration for this truly amazing man. When my mom first met him, she said, “He’s too good for you, you’re going to blow it!” She was right about the first part and that is why I truly believe he is my better half! Together forever – I love you, sweetie!

To learn more about these awesome people, click on their names. Don’t waste your time clicking on Margo or Mark, I’m keeping them all to myself!

Team EatTrainWin Rocks!