For Coach Christie

They Did It – So Can YOU!

I was inspired to lose weight after seeing Christie talk about her successful weight loss journey. When I met Christie online, I knew she was 100% supportive of my goals and dreams. She encouraged me to incorporate strength training into my life and celebrated my success when I completed my first 5K.

I recently suffered a Multiple Sclerosis relapse and was confined to a wheelchair and unable to speak. Christie reassured me that my strong and healthy body would fight back. She never let me give up or feel down. I’m happy to say I am back to living healthy and happy again.

With Christie’s ongoing support, I am confident I will not slip back into my old habits. I embrace her concept of planned indulgences and never feel deprived. I feel like I’m living the life I deserve.

-Brenda Moser, turtle-loving, whale-watching, bikini-wearing Grammy

With the encouragement, support, and trouble shooting that Christie has given me, I have been able to maintain a healthy weight. Christie challenges me to use the tools I have learned to really shape my body into my version of 'perfect,' reaching goals well beyond weight loss.

-Crystal Evans, baby-packing, outdoor-loving cowgirl

If you’re ready to make positive changes in your life...Christie is the coach for you! I’ve never met anyone so dedicated and passionate about health and wellness. I have seen her help countless others who struggle with weight loss issues and it's simply amazing. Her positive attitude and zest for life is so infectious.

Christie has been a valuable tool for helping me achieve and now maintain my healthy weight loss success. Losing weight was always a battle for me and in the past I was often left feeling frustrated and defeated. But with Christie’s support, effective strategies for overcoming obstacles, and her expert guidance this time around, I feel renewed, inspired, and I like the happiest and healthiest me that I have become. Many, many thanks Christie!

-Wendy DeCarvalho, Hip mom, proud military wife, and slobbering bulldog lover

Christie is one of my best friends. We lost our weight together and shared the triumph of fitting into very small pants. Having a weight-loss buddy has made losing and maintaining my loss so much easier! As a Personal Trainer, she helped me develop a better workout plan, avoid overuse injuries, and fine tune my efforts to get the body I wanted.

She is my role model for 'mindful eating.' My natural inclination to use food as an emotional balm helped me pack on sixty-three unwanted pounds; Coach Christie helped me peel them off. Even now, years later, when I struggle with my love of donuts and all things chocolate, Christie is the voice in my ear saying, 'Consider your goals. Think your choices through. If you want it, eat it, but plan for it.' Good health doesn't just happen. We have to work for it and having a coach like Christie in your corner just might make all the difference.

-Margo McGirr, donut loving Zumba warrior

Christie has been a great resource for me over the past three years. She has helped me learn to moderate and lose the all-or-nothing attitude that has kept me from succeeding in the past. I can count on her to check in on me when she knows I'm having a hard time, or when she hasn't heard from me in a while. By staying in tune with where I am, she keeps me from slipping into old habits. Her skills as a personal trainer were particularly useful to me when I injured my calf muscle and worried that inactivity would cause me to backslide. She offered encouraging words and concrete suggestions for staying healthy and active regardless of injury. Christie keeps you moving forward by offering useful advice and giving lots of praise for victories both large and small. I'm glad I have her!

-Jennifer Baldwin, Fit and fun French teacher

Christie shines light on everyone she trains. She's a powerful motivator who works with the utmost professionalism but also makes it fun. The great thing about her is she's been where a lot of people have been and completely understands the struggles of weight loss and continued healthy living. I HIGHLY recommend Christie!!!

-Crystal Branco, spectacular three son-producing trophy wife

I was 20 - 40lbs overweight from the time I quit smoking in my 30s all through my 40s. At 48, I met Christie online after being inspired by her bikini picture. We talked a lot while I was losing weight. She was warm and sincere and helped answer all my questions.

I think the best thing I learned from Christie during my weight loss journey is that we each have to create a relationship with food that works for us. Superbowl was approaching and I always throw a big party with lots of naughty food. When I asked my friends whether it would be ok to take a day off dieting to enjoy my party almost everyone screamed, 'NO!' Christie was different. She told me it was ok to go ahead and enjoy myself as long as I had a plan. OMG! Really??? I did just that and went back on track the next day!

I lost 30 lbs in 11 months. That’s a long time. I know. But I had good results with what Christie calls ‘Planned Indulgences’; life is full of holidays, special occasions, vacations, and adventures and I have learned that it is ok to enjoy them all in moderation. This approach slowed down my weight loss but eating this way is realistic for me. It's something I can do for life.

With Christie’s help, I've kept the weight off. She has been with me through my entire journey, inspiring me to lose weight, walking me through losing it, and helping me live at my happy healthy weight. Christie is a wonderful, supportive friend. Love her!

-Deirdre (Dee) Doyle, Happy, Healthy, Home-Cookin, Fun-Lovin Grammy

I’m a guy. I never really thought much about losing weight. When my pants got a little too tight or I needed to drop a few pounds, I skipped a couple meals, cut down my beer intake, and ran harder when I shot hoops with my friends. But now that I'm over fifty, those techniques don't work the way they did when I was younger.

Christie's my wife and after she lost her weight, she moved on to mine. Hot women want hot husbands. Who knew? I never would have guessed that the tweaks she made to the way I eat would pay off with a twenty-two pound weight loss but she was consistent, encouraging, and enthusiastic about us both being our personal best.

I feel healthier and happier than I have in years. Being married to the coach was a game changer for me.

-Mark Miller, luckiest man in the world

Christie is always there to motivate me and answer my questions. She gave me a clear path to follow for my myriad of issues and never gave up on my goals. When I stumbled, Christie offered a helping hand and when I needed it, she kicked my butt in a loving yet effective manner. Christie helped me focus on my caloric intake, exercise, and most importantly, creating moderation in all aspects of my life!

-Christina Bartenhagen, brilliant, belly-dancing mama

I've struggled with my weight and yo-yo dieting my whole life. Reaching my goal weight taught me that making me feel good on the outside made me feel good on the inside. Now I can keep up with my grandkids. I feel more energetic and have a more positive attitude. Meeting Christie was a big plus in my weight loss journey because she is so encouraging and embraces indulgences in moderation. I admire that because that's 'real life,' plain and simple.

-Terri Berry, rhyming, fun-loving Texas blingy gal

We all have our own journey and motivations. I usually don't need a listener or a sympathizer. I don't need someone who simply talks about the right path, I need someone who's walked that path. Who knows the struggles of weight loss, the allure of food and the dedication of building a stronger body; I need an ass-kicker—someone who let's me know the direction I need to go in, someone tough enough to pry me out of my own bad habits and excuses. When I stumble, Christie helps motivate me to move in the right direction again, work out harder, and get myself back up!

-Lori Biele, badass soon-to-be bride